Enhance Your Body With up to 96% Pure Oxygen

Sit down, relax, and breathe a steady stream of 90 – 96%% pure oxygen. breathe in fresh air that is known to alleviate the effects of headaches, migraines, hangovers, sinus infections, and even altitude sickness

Are you getting enough oxygen?

The standard air we breathe has about a 20.8% concentration of oxygen, and while our bodies are set up to function well from this percentage, some studies suggest that a periodic breath of “fresh air” can boost our immune systems, reduce stress and even improve mood. Oxygen therapy is known to alleviate the effects of headaches, migraines, hangovers, sinus infections, and even altitude sickness. Oxygen in its purest form may help you to feel more alert, increase your ability to concentrate, and give you a general feeling of relaxation. When you have symptoms such as hangovers, headaches, fatigue, jet lag, these can be caused because your body is depleted of oxygen. When you yawn, that is a sign that your body is lacking oxygen, you are tired so your body begins fighting for the supply of oxygen.


The secret of life is creating energy and then properly managing it. Breathing is our primary source of energy. We draw all our energy from oxygen. At the end of every metabolic reaction, is oxygen. Oxygen is one of the most important elements required to sustain life.
Oxygen is responsible for producing up to 90% of your body’s energy and it makes up approximately 96% of your body’s nutritional needs. Atmospheric oxygen levels we breath, is delivering less than optimal levels to our lungs to be at our absolute peak of performance – both mental and physical.
We have concentrators that produce 90-96% pure O2 for customers to breathe in through small tubes hooked over the ears and under the nose.


Inhaling concentrated oxygen can also increases the oxygen saturation level in the blood, which makes more available for the brain, and more brain power. If that’s not cool enough, supplemental oxygen inhalation has also been shown to enhance memory formation.

  • Improve your mood
  • Increase energy levels
  • Boost your concentration and memory
  • Relieve headaches, migraines, and hangovers
  • Promote better sleep; and,
  • Reduce stress!


If you have emphysema, Oxygen Therapy is not for you. Too much oxygen can cause a person with emphysema to stop breathing.
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